Saturday, March 05, 2022

Toronto Winter Stations 2022

The public exhibition along the sandy shores of Woodbine Beach is back in Toronto until March 31, 2022. Five art installations, winners of an annual international design competition, incorporate the utilitarian lifeguard towers and bring visitors to the beach during the harsh conditions of winter.
One Canada
Wind surfer catches air along Woodbine Beach

The 2022 theme of Winter Stations is Resilience - from their website; "Over the course of the last year and a half, we have so clearly witnessed the immense ability of people to withstand and push through challenging and unprecedented times.. In recognition and celebration of this courage, the theme chosen for the 2022 edition of Winter Stations is Resilience: the ability to withstand adversity and recover from difficulties. To be resilient, one is faced with hardship, confronts it, and pushes to overcome it. Whether on a micro or macro scale, families, livelihoods, cities, and countries have experienced loss and isolation – but also – have been presented with great opportunities for adaptation and growth. This year, we not only reflect on all the ways people have had to be resilient, but the ways people have channeled this resilience, be it through communities, movements, support networks and more."
The five winners showing this year are S’winter Station, ENTER-FACE, THE HIVE, Introspection
and One Canada. My favourite is the HIVE which is a multi-couloured geodesic dome which looked great, provided peace and quiet out of the strong, cold winds blowing off of Lake Ontario. It was so windy when we visited that wind surfers were gaining tremendous height off the waves, gaining quite a bit of altitude before they came back earth.

See more of the installations after the jump.

mirrored selfie inside introspection

S’winter Station

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