Saturday, June 26, 2021

Hamilton's Albion Falls - access closed

The stunning escarpment waterfall has been closed off as the City of Hamilton tries to prevent accidents from happening to curious tourists, especially ones that require hazardous rope rescues by emergency services. Additional fencing and signage have been added to Albion Falls and those that trespass could be subject to fines of $10,000.  

Located along Mountain Brow Boulevard, the cascade waterfall passes the water of Red Hill Creek down a stepped path 19 metres high. While the base is out of bounds there are two viewing platforms available to check out the waterfall - although you have to look through the foliage that partially blocks the falls. There is a parking lot just across from the falls and a wide asphalt path runs along the top of the gorge.
The exposed rocks of the escarpment are ready to fall without notice
The cascading water splashes on the steps of the falls

Erosion and safety concerns, combined with environmentally sensitive areas have led to the city actively enforcing the bylaw with a typical fine being up to $200, the higher fines were saved for repeat offenders or for those that caused rescues to be performed. In 2017 the south limits of the gorge at Albion Falls were fenced off, so the nearby Lover's Leap Vista lookout is your only option on that side.
The view from Lover's Leap Vista
The main access gate and stairway to the falls is locked

The beauty of Albion Falls will continue to draw visitors to the area and some will trespass into the gorge to view the falls up close. The city should make safe transit to the falls with an area where you could view the waterfall safely. Failing that they should make the platforms that extend over the escarpment and provide a view where you could see the falls without trees blocking the way.

I have had to go through my pics from years ago to remember what it looked like around the base of the falls and have included them within this post. You can see me at the base of the falls in my 2009 post here.
While in Hamilton you can visit the downtown core and enjoy a meal on one of the many patios that have been opened as certain covid restrictions are being lifted. The fountain in Gore Park is another must see tourist spot.

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