Monday, May 18, 2020

Cheltenham Badlands in a Covid-19 Spring

The rolling red hills and its section of Bruce Trail remain closed by Credit Valley Conservation due to Covid-19 precautions since mid-March 2020. Barriers have been put in place at the entrance to the lookout and at the nearby parking lot. The narrow road and no stopping signs make the badlands inaccessible to cars unless someone drops you off to explore the area by foot along the fenced off area.
In some areas you can take pictures over the fence
Access to the hills were closed for three years as the area was studied and finally reopened in September of 2018. The hills themselves have been restricted to visitors and you can only see them from the lookout platform built on top of the badlands, or view them from along the roadway through the fence that was placed to keep people out. Now extra barriers are in place and the lookout platform has been gated.

You can see the platform at the top left of the hills

I was fortunate to get dropped off to wander along the edge of the property and take a look at the amazing Cheltenham Badlands. Spring rains have turned the exposed Queenstone Shale a deep red with its surface crossed by narrow bands of a light grey colour. Trees are starting to bloom and there are white blossoms that line the edges of the hills.

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