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It's hard to believe but your average grocery store cashier in Ontario makes about $14 per hour and has been declared an essential service worker. For some people that means that you can treat them even worse than they might have before the Covid-19 pandemic. In some stores the managers seem to be counting the profits first and the health and safety of staff and customers second. And some customers think that they cannot get sick and have no patience to wait in line or practice social distancing. It is time to reconsider our cavalier attitudes to health and safety and reduce contact between people to stop the spread of Covid-19. Please be kind and stop being selfish to help flatten the curve.

In honour of our frontline grocery store staff I have found a poem that speaks to the heart of the personnel that are forced to remain at work and deal with hundreds of potentially sick customers during each shift. It is called  “DON’T BE A SHOPPING COVIDIOT”, a therapeutic poem about rationality, rudeness and rules by author I.M. Frustrated. The actual authors shall remain nameless to avoid being fired during this recession and pandemic. 

We have some new rules for you all to read, 
For you to shop here, we insist you agree. 
These rules are here to keep us all safe,
If you don’t like them, you must leave this place.

You’re taking a risk when you come through the door, 
But our risk is morning to night in this store. 
It’s true we are stressed and yes, crazy scared, 
But some of you act like you don't really care. 

You moan and complain ‘cause you have to stay home, 
But I only feel safe in my own little home. 
It is your choice to come through this door, 
But I have no choice but to work in this store. 

You say there’s no choice, I say yes there is, 
But for me there is no money if I leave this biz. 
Sobeys and E.I. will cut me off, 
That is unless I develop a fever or cough. 

So shopping can no longer be social and fun, 
This virus is dangerous and this war can be won! 
If you are feel unwell or kind of sick, 
Please do not enter, go home now, go home quick. 

Please only one person per family we ask, 
Please try to abide by this one simple task. 
The fewer the people that come in to shop, 
Will help to ensure this virus will stop. 

One squirt of sanitizer will reduce risk, 
Just hold out your hand, no please, I insist. 
This virus could kill us and make us all sick, 
When you shop please remember to be in and out quick. 

When grabbing your cart to enter the store,
You will notice some lines that we have placed on the floor. 
These arrows will guide you and it’s only one way, 
Please follow these arrows and please do not stray. 

Gone are the days when the customer is right, 
The staff is struggling to be nice and polite. 
Most customers are great, but some are quite rude, 
To those few I know karma’s coming for you. 

I know that people are worried and stressed, 
Right now the whole world seems like one big fat mess. 
I hope one day soon this virus is gone, 
And happiness and thankfulness will last all day long.

Yes, we are here and are ready to serve, 
So please can you give us the respect we deserve. 
This store will be open and we have to be here, 
So let me make one thing abundantly clear! 
If being respectful and lining up is too much, 
Then you can go hungry, “I don't give a F#$K”! 

Author - I.M. Frustrated

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