Sunday, February 23, 2020

Kuumba25 at Harbourfront Centre 2020

Black History Month exhibitions and cultural events continue at Harbourfront Centre during the 25th anniversary of Kuumba. Descriptions from the Harbourfront website; "Kuumba25 examines the past through cultural expression, ritual and memorabilia, while re-envisioning identities through art, culture and education." Many of the events are free, so drop by the centre.
Some of the installations include The Prism Effect by William Ukoh, Building Black by AMORPHIA and Know Your Rights Camp Public Art Installation by Colin Kaepernick.
"The Prism Effect explores colour, race and social value while dissecting how we receive information and formulate social habits based on culture, upbringing and our environments. Based on his own experience of leaving Nigeria and migrating to a new country, Ukoh challenges our natural social inclinations to divide or belong. Broadening the conversation around comfort, acceptance and globality."
"With eight new artworks comprised of over 50,000 Lego® pieces, Building Black: AMORPHIA is the latest body of work from Ghanaian-Canadian visual artist Ekow Nimako. The works thread together elements of West African mask making traditions, fauna and organic forms to create an amorphous and fantastical tapestry. The interlacing of natural elements, and the geometric forms typically associated with the iconic medium, evoke an aesthetic that is at times haunting, futuristic and simultaneously traditional."
Know Your Rights Camp Public Art Installation "Harbourfront Centre presents an exclusive Canadian debut public art installation, courtesy of Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp. Featuring freedom fighters representing the living embodiment of the organization’s beliefs and pillars. From athletes to activists to lawyers, scholars and actors. In the spirit of love and courage, the following freedom fighters have collectively transformed their cultural power into a non-negotiable demand for Black liberation. Together these individuals, selected by Colin Kaepernick, represent the Know Your Rights Camp's 10 principles and inspire us all to fight for our freedom... by any means necessary."

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