Monday, November 12, 2018

Mystery LEGO Mural at Union Station

I always new I was artistic so I was pleased that LEGO Canada has given us a chance to assist in creating the "largest mystery mural ever created in the Western Hemisphere!" Although that is a pretty random block on the planet earth - I mean are we going to just allow the Eastern Hemisphere to kick out ass?

Can you see what it is? First day of the mural build

And the Lego mural is done and on display in Nathan Phillips Square.
December 3, 2018 at City Hall

Update: November 28, 2018: The mural is almost complete. Besides some blocks here and there which haven't been placed, the centerpiece is the only main thing missing now.
Update: November 23, 2018: The scene continues to unfold as the lego blocks are placed on the mural. It could be a typical day at Union Station during the morning rush hour - some people are animals.
Update: November 19, 2018. GO Transit and Trains are the centrepiece of the mural, surrounded by animals

See more of the Lego story after the jump.

The 40 feet by 20 feet mural is located outside Toronto's Union Station on Front Street in the Sir John A MacDonald Plaza and the LEGOs started going up on November 12 at 1pm and will continue until December 2 at 8pm. You can't miss the mural, it is near the yellow and red shipping containers that look like giant LEGOs. I assembled my block of LEGOs which were pounded into place in the mural so I feel like the Western Hemisphere should really thank me for my contribution to history. You can also drop by and participate in the event and also pose for photos beside the LEGO fireplace complete with Christmas stockings.
They give you a small, coloured block LEGO base which you add the appropriate coloured single LEGO pieces
The back of the block is numbered - mine is #2528
You give your block to the handlers and they tap it into the appropriate numbered spot on the mural
"For 60 years, The LEGO Group has celebrated the limitless creativity of the LEGO brick, and from November 12th to December 2nd, 2018, you can be a part of this celebration. Each day starting on November 12th, the community will build together to reveal another part of the mystery mural until the final reveal. For every person who helps build a part of the mystery mural, LEGO Canada will donate a LEGO set to Toy Mountain to help bring a smile to a child’s face."
LEGO Christmas fireplace
Block 3631
GO Train engine - from one view
An old locomotive - from the opposite view

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