Monday, August 31, 2015

Trump Tower Troubles in Toronto

Reports of a potentially unsafe condition at the Tower has caused the shutdown of Bay Street in Toronto's Financial District today. The temporary road closure of the North-South arterial roadway between Richmond and King Streets, along with portions of Adelaide Street West between Yonge Street and west of Bay Street will continue "until the owner of the building provides a report from a professional engineer that concludes there is no risk to the public."
News crews setup their cameras at a safe distance on Adelaide Street West

The measures were taken in the morning of Monday, August 31, 2015 after reports of possible danger due to the conditions of an antenna at the 325 Bay Street tower. The streets were still taped off and watched over by police during the afternoon commute. Reports suggest that hotel staff saw the tower swaying in the wind, much like Trump's hair when he gets near his helicopter.

If you wave your head back and forth you can recreate the tower of terror effect
I was hoping that there would be a giant great ape hanging from the tower

"Toronto Building contacted and issued an order to the property management company in charge of and responsible for the building to provide a professional engineer's report commenting on the safety of the antenna and related building elements. The City is awaiting a response to the issued order. To protect public safety, the roads will remain closed, and at this time it is anticipated that a response to the issued order will not be received until tomorrow."
Bay Street closed to traffic
The streets remained closed during Tuesday's rush hour commute

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