Monday, August 10, 2015

Hot time, summer in Toronto

Looking cool and feeling pretty, the city comes alive in the sun with a cool breeze from the lake and a cold beverages on a patio. It's time for a jumble of images from the big smoke. The top photo is from the Toronto Roller Derby flat track league, its been a couple years since I saw a game but they were great fun to watch.
The Canadian Football "This is our league" CFL games are tons of fun. Toronto is one stop from the crapper in the East Division. The Argonauts come home this weekend for a mid-season game, wish them luck against Saskatchewan.
Some cool art which abounds in Toronto. Art Toronto is coming up in October 2015 and if you have some deep pockets you can pick up some primo pieces, but first check out the Outdoor Art Festival at Nathan Phillips Square in September.
I heard Harbourfront is a traffic mess, all confusing up in your head, but the Toronto destination should always be tops on everyone's list of things to do. From the lineups at the Ferry docks to the Islands (take a water taxi for a few bucks more) to the many events at Harbourfront Centre, this place is hot.
The view from the Island Airport
The Bluffs, the Scarborough Bluffs. A 15km section of vertical cliffs formed over 12,000 years ago from sediment deposits which has been cut by wind and water erosion. The results of the erosion ended up creating the Toronto Islands. Check out Scarborough Bluffs Park. If this was Caledon they would fence off the bluffs and keep people out to prevent further erosion - wankers.
With weird entrance markers, I mean a cat on top of the world, the Kensington Market neighbourhood is tucked away from the everyday world of the city with art, restaurants and abundant fruit markets. Their Solstice celebrations are to die for, or maybe sacrifice is the proper word, and the pedestrian Sundays bring a safer vibe to the area.
The Don River winds through the east side of the city, less meandering than many, many years ago, but still all floody in your face, following the Don Valley Parkway and offering some paths that lead to adventures like abandoned bridges, some scary tobogganing, the fantastic abandoned Brickworks prior to being upgraded, before eventually arriving at Lake Ontario.
The Eaton Centre has always been a big supporter of Nuit Blanche, the all night art event which comes to town October 3rd, 2015. Vertical Constructions hang in the central corridor of the mall in the photo above. Fresh Joe and I plan to take on this year's event with illuminated bicycles - that's right, we will be mobile art this year!
I hear the Gardiner is falling apart and could be removed entirely, or in portions, was heard - like every year since they put the thing up. Builders complain that it interferes with their line of condos, making it hard to see the concrete and glass structures.
Graffiti murals. Who doesn't like graffiti, except maybe the people that own the buildings being tagged.
Horse cops, who you going to call, neigh.

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