Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Lending Journey Pedal Against Poverty

The Bike Tree features a number of donated bicycles hanging from a large Willow Tree in Halton Hills. I hope they are not like Fall leaves, waiting to drop down as the days get shorter! The two-wheeled installation is helping to promote the Nov 9, 2014 500 km uphill bike race along the Pan American Highway through Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras.
Their mobile fund raising campaign is to battle global poverty and to raise money to provide loans to a 1,000 or more people in South America.

"We offer loans to women in need in impoverished countries to start up, expand, or continue a business. The Lending Journey was created to help people in the global south improve their social and economic conditions. Most of the women we find ourselves dealing with are poor and often have very little education. They are very enterprising and, given the opportunity, are prepared to work hard to create small businesses. Currently, our primary focus is with small town in Ecuador and Nicaragua."

Posted by Ann Hamilton.

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