Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Waterloo Air Show 2014

Bright, shiny birds flew free over the Waterloo Airport on June 28-29 with the Canadian Snowbirds highlighting the exciting ground and air performances. The CF-18 demonstration jet streaks off the runway at top.

The show includes "Jet School Bus -- a 367 mph school bus may be impractical for getting the kids to school but they're going to love the roar and flames as the Indy Boys take to the runway
• B-17 bombers – not one, but two historical WWII B-17 bombers will be in Waterloo this year. Last
year did see one B-17 in Waterloo but it was on ground display. This year, one will fly. And incredibly,
both B-17 Yankee Lady & B-17 Sentimental Journey will be offering rides for $450 U.S. With 12,000 B-
17s built, they became one of the most important aircraft of WWII.
• Lucas Oil Skydivers -- Look way up and marvel at these 3 talented skydivers as they ride the winds
using their highly maneuverable parachutes.
• Mike Tryggvason – hard work comes easy to this son of Canadian astronaut Bjarni Tryggvason;
Acts rounding out the 2014 Waterloo Air Show line-up include:
• Canadian Forces Snowbirds - with their awe-inspiring 9-plane aerobatic formations
• Canadian Forces CF-18 demonstration jet - Canada's fighter jet
• L-29 - flown by air show co-producer Richard Cooper
• Kent Pietsch & his yellow Jelly Belly plane - veteran U.S. aerobatic performer with 3 separate acts
• Mike Wiskus, aerobatics - a former U.S. aerobatic champ, Mike’s performance is incredible!
• Gord Price - a 71-year-old aerobatic pilot from Thornbury flying a YAK 50, Serial #1
• T-33 Silver Star - the ‘Mako Shark’ from the Jet Aircraft Museum in London
• Harvard Formation Team - 4 planes from the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Assoc. in Tillsonburg
• Wayne Hadath - a Kitchener resident who races his home-built F1-Rocket
• Danny Richer - Brantford resident flying his Strikemaster
• Pyro - lots of smoke and flame -- kaboom!
Lucas Oil Skydivers

(all acts are subject to change due to operational duties and mechanical difficulties)
A Static Display (aircraft parked on the tarmac all weekend) will offer this year’s guests additional opportunities to see aircraft up close, take photos and speak to the pilots. Most significantly are a number of WWII and post-WWII aircraft including a B-17 (offering rides), TBM Avenger, AC-47 Spooky, C-46 Commando, C-123 Provider and a B-25 Mitchell."

Posted by Joe Hamilton. See more planes after the jump.

The famous Canadian Snowbirds aerobatic team

Flying in a WWII B-17 aircraft over the airport
Static aircraft display on the left runway and the viewing line along the bottom runway

Jet propelled outhouse winds up the speed with a jet

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