Saturday, July 12, 2014

#Toronto Slutwalk 2014

Protesters march in the @SlutWalkTO because victim blaming and sexual violence still continues. Bringing their collective voices to the streets has made the home grown movement grow into a global protest. Originating in response to a Toronto Police officer who stated in 2011 that in order to avoid becoming a victim, women should not dress like sluts. The comment blew up and the reaction has been to counter that rape myth with a title for the walk that specifically addresses that misconception.
Some other walks around the world have re-branded the name from slutwalk to titles like strutwalk, consentfest and walk of no shame, however the Toronto walk still embraces the original reason for the protest.
"The first SlutWalk rally in Toronto three years ago lit the spark for grassroots action in over 200 countries worldwide, where organizers have rallied communities for marches against victim-blaming. Some of these marches have been called SlutWalks, others have taken locally-driven names; all have been a part of international, collective action against victim-blaming in support of survivors of sexual violence. SlutWalk Toronto continues because survivors of sexual violence deserve our support, not our scrutiny."
Beginning on the edges of Nathan Phillips Square the marchers first met and prepared for the July 12, 3 pm walk along Queen Street West, north on University Avenue to Queen's Park.

See more of the protest after the jump.

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