Sunday, April 20, 2014

Red Bull Race the Place

A large field of athletes competed in the #Toronto @RedBullTO 2014 urban bicycle race through Ontario Place in a race that lasted just over one hour. Time trials on the 3.7km track began at 10:30am with the mass start final beginning at 6:30pm. The Saturday, April 19 event brought life back into the park which has been closed for the past two years - unfortunately spectators couldn't go into the park to watch the action! Stefan 'Fish' was the overall winner of the day.
Gregory Addo (2nd), Stefan 'Fish' Vis (1st) and Marc Seguin (3rd)
Scraped elbows after the win

"Racers will be taken on a speed-soaked chase through the island’s industrial jungle full of hairpin turns, pedal heavy straight-aways and other urban obstacles. Survival of the fastest is the name of the game."
Ladies winners: Paula Manzano (2nd), Linda Chin (1st) and Ioana Stanca (3rd)
Jon Slaughter (2nd), Richard Machhein (1st) and Hugues Lapoint (3rd)

Both males and females competed during the same race in two available categories - fixed gear/track bike and open "You dream it, you ride it, as long as there is no motor!"

Bike polo, vendors village, food trucks and the time trials kept the day full of exciting action.

Posted by Joe Hamilton and James Hamilton. More two-wheeled race coverage after the jump.

Warming up before a heat
The one obstacle caused a few injuries

Bike polo close in pedal work

Celebrating last lap
Past the finish line

The Ice Queen - top female rider (and multiple winner of the Icycle ice bike race)

Final results

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