Saturday, January 01, 2022

Unofficial Toronto Polar Bear Dip 2022

The official Polar Bear Dip was cancelled as the new wave of Covid-19 precautions (hello Omicron) started shutting down events across the province, but you can't keep hardcore dippers away from the water on New Year's Day. So across the long beach near Sunnyside Pavilion, also known as Sunnyside Beach for some reason, small groups and couples showed up, took off their warm winter clothes and ran, or walked, into the cold waters of Lake Ontario.

From the Dip's website; "While this is disappointing, it’s out of our hands, and so in the spirit of the Dip, we hope you will continue to raise funds for Boost and do your own dip your own way on January 1st. Whether it be in a kiddie pool in the backyard, a bathtub full of ice or a dip in the lake up at your friends cottage; post your videos on facebook, twitter, instagram with the hashtag #daretodip and let’s celebrate our annual tradition online with the sincere hope that next year will be different. This is an especially challenging time for Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre who have been working on the frontline during the pandemic to provide kids the mental health and other supports they need during child abuse investigations. For those children, youth and families who rely on Boost CYAC they need our help more than ever. Your ongoing fundraising or a donation of any amount to Boost CYAC right now will make a big difference to children in our city."

People listened to the request to continue to support the Dip and Boost CYAC and wanted to return to the site of the annual New Year's Day swim in Toronto. Some of the people swam for longer periods, including one gentleman that made it out to the breakwater, climbed on top, slipped, then jumped back in and made it back to the beach. The Russian swimmers seem to spend the most time in the lake and some even return daily to enjoy the outrageously refreshing waters.

The Steakin' Speedsters hit the water

My favourite sports stars and supporters of quite a few charities, the Streakin' Speedsters (also pictured at top), returned once more to challenge winter and the pebbly stones in the water.

See more photos of the dip after the jump.

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