Saturday, April 20, 2019

In High Park before peak bloom

A rainy spring Saturday prior to the famous blossoming of the Sakura cherry trees is a sure way to see the park in virtual solitude. A tour of High Park shows that the cherry buds have come out to play.
Few visitors and an empty patio as Toronto waits for cherry blossoms
April showers are bringing May flowers and the round, green buds have poked out of their case and they are waiting to change to florets (12-17 days from peak bloom). When the florets grow stems and extend away from the buds, it will mean that peak bloom is about one to two weeks away. And don't blink to long when they bloom because they only last a week or two.

Keep off the bloomin' trees

The trackless train which makes eight stops throughout the park runs on weekends in April, then from May to Labour Day the train runs everyday. Cost for adults is $4.50.

Parking and travel into High Park will be banned during peak blossom time, so today was a nice change from what will surely become one of the biggest attractions in Toronto when peak bloom 2019 finally occurs. You can find more updates on my Toronto Cherry Blossoms 2019 post.

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