Sunday, March 04, 2018

Winter Stations 2018

Seven art installations are lined up along Woodbine Beach, built around the lifeguard stations that dot the sand along the shores of Lake Ontario at the east side of Toronto. The waterfront exhibitions were created based on the theme of 'riot: violent disturbance; uproar; outburst of uncontrolled feelings' and will remain in place until April 1st (started on Family Day February 19).
'Make Some Noise!!'

These pieces of interactive art that will have to survive the harsh conditions found during Canada's winter next to one of the finest Great Lakes that you will ever know. Three of the designs were by the University of Guelph, Ryerson University and the Ontario College of Art.
Winter Stations winners were selected in an international single-stage competition that places the temporary artwork, created by designers, artists, architects and others to promote creativity and joy without limit on the size of the installation. A jury chose the projects partly based on durability and constructablility and within a certain spending limit.
'Pussy Hut'
"The lifeguard stands are essentially identical. They are sturdy steel structures to which the installation is to be fastened. The method of fastening is up to each competitor, however it may not result in any damage to or modification of the structure. As this is the off-season for use, there are few restrictions on covering the stations; the three exceptions are: the shepherds’ hook, the lifesaving ring and any emergency signage."

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'Power to the Wind Station'



'Rising Up'

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