Sunday, September 03, 2017

High Rollers in Burlington - Surf City

Surfers and windsurfers in Ontario need to take advantage of every passing storm that brings high winds and rolling waves that crash onto the beach. And when the conditions are ripe these athletes head into the swells and ride the waves until their wet-suits can't keep them warm or the waves start to calm. This is the life for Great Lake Surfers year round. These guys were working hard as most of Burlington was next door at Spencer Smith Park for the "Canada's Largest Ribfest".
Bad weather threatened the skies over central Ontario for quite some time on Sunday, September 2, 2017 but in spite of a few sprinkles the rain remained at bay. Watching the whitecaps on the lake as the waves crashed along the shore, throwing up spray at the along the piers and rolling through the canal into Hamilton Harbour, you marvel at the power of wind and water. You had to pick your surf spot carefully because in some areas the waves hitting break-walls caused reflected waves that crashed into the oncoming waves, exploding in a fountain of water and showing that under water currents were probably active in the area.

There were several groups of surfers spread out along Burlington Beach and Hamilton Beach, trying to head out into the pounding waves with their big boards, riding the peaks until they were out far enough to catch a wave and stand up on the surf boards.

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