Sunday, April 24, 2016

Waterfalls in early spring

Spring has sprung and cold water flows through Spencer Gorge in the rugged Niagara Escarpment overlooking the City of Hamilton. Two large waterfalls in the Conservation Area pour Spencer and Logie's Creeks over the high ledges of exposed limestone and shale until the water flows into Lake Ontario at Hamilton Harbour; Webster Falls, above and Tew Falls, below.
With the return of warmer temperatures to Ontario, families and friends are flocking to parks and natural areas, many packing picnics. The Bruce Trail and the many waterfalls around Hamilton are a popular destination and within easy driving distance to Toronto.
Tew Falls is the taller one. 41m high instead of Niagara Falls Horseshoe Falls of 52m
Trees are just starting to bud and tiny yellow, white and purple flowers dot the forest floor. It won't be too long before the forest returns to its glory of green canopy with squirrels running roughshod over the other forest denizens. You can check the falls in winter in my previous post here.

Looking towards Hamilton
Two large platforms provide views of Tew Falls

New fences line the top of bank and the stairs to the valley floor are closed now: "We hope that you enjoy your visit to one of the most beautiful natural areas in Ontario. We ask that all visitors to conservation areas respect the rules, stay on trails and do not climb or otherwise bypass fencing, for their own safety and the environmental health of the areas. Keep well back from the edge of the gorge and escarpment areas, at least a body length. Adults should keep children and pets well away from these areas. Please note that the stairs to the bottom of Webster Falls is closed at this time, due to safety and ecological reasons."

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