Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Earth Day - April 22, 2009 - Bloggers Unite

Our annual celebration of the planet approaches and every year more and more people seek to make positive contributions to make our world better. We recycle more, compost more and try to turn off lights, but is this enough?

In decades we will see the production of oil fall while the demand for oil, coal and gas increase. We see factories pollute and every car on the road seems to be a massive SUV with two or more vehicles sitting in the driveways and garages of large homes. Oil and other carbon energy sources are finite and the markets have recently driven the costs of a barrel of oil through the roof - helping to put the economy into this recession/depression once again.

Joining in the growing green revolution we must seek to reduce our impact to the environment, we have to reduce our energy requirements, we must make choices that will not harm earth. And 'we' includes companies that must not always act in the interest of only their bottom line although going green can hopefully reduce costs and return more profits to the stockholders.

People have started to change their attitudes and small steps like not using plastic shopping bags can soon grow to where large Cities like Toronto can turn off the lights in a mass show of support for Earth Hour on March 28, 2009. "At 8:30 p.m. on Saturday March 28, the City of Toronto and its residents and businesses will join millions of people around the world and turn off the lights for Earth Hour to show our support for action on climate change."

Green is making a choice: less packaging, buy the more fuel efficient vehicle, take and support public transit as much as possible - you can choose what you can do to help. Love your neighbors, your family, your friends and the Earth.

and Earth Day Canada www.earthday.ca/pub/index.php

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