Saturday, February 28, 2009

February BLAHS are almost over

Usually you don't see this much crack in Toronto unless there is a thong involved.

As we kiss February goodbye we are getting ready to slide into spring. Actually February wasn't that bad - we had a nice warm spell in the middle, a bit of January thaw that happened a little late, and the sunshine has been coming out to play more and more.

Still, it is hard to get enthusiastic for winter weather unless you can get out sledding, boarding, skiing or hiking. I decide to visit the Badlands and see what it looks like in winter. Much of the snow cover has melted and you can see the barren landscape as the rolls of clay are exposed and eroded along the side of the hill. You can see more of my pictures of the badlands here.

I thought I ran into Paris Hilton at the Eaton Centre because someone had the cutest little puppy, dressed in a nice yellow sweater, sitting on a leather bench watching the people go by.

And outside the shopping mall the City has placed large, red planters in Yonge-Dundas Square. These are the type that I remember seeing in Quebec City and I think they look great here as well.

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