Sunday, October 19, 2008

Toronto Zombie Walk 2008

The undead walked the streets of Toronto on Sunday October 19, 2008 screaming hungrily for brains and we were on hand to watch the mayhem unfold. By 3pm many zombies started gathering in the hollow pit in the middle of Trinity Bellwood Park but where only zombies had been last year, this year we were also treated to the spectacle of Skull Man's cardboard box warriors - which was pretty unusual, but really fun to watch. See some more great shots of the terrifying zombies below on my Youtube slideshow movie.

See more of the undead after the jump.

About 20 warriors dressed in elaborate cardboard suits of armour carried large swords and hammers made of cardboard. They split into two teams and after milling about for awhile finally worked up the courage to attack each other. They fought to remove the top "armour" and the last one was the winner. I am not to sure who won, but I liked the teddy bear warrior! See some Youtube videos of the battle here and here.

The 2008 Toronto Zombie Walk was underway! Many people worked hard to look and feel the part of a crazed zombie and the effects were terrific. Hundreds gathered in the pit and finally were able to crawl out the steep sides to head down to Queen Street and continue to Bathurst and finally up to Bloor Street. Crowds of people along the street wondered where all the blood was coming from and TTC streetcars pulled alongside the brain hunting bad guys thinking that Toronto has finally gone to hell.

The end of the walk was the Bloor Cinema and the After Dark Film Festival. One of the movies premiering at the festival was a zombie curling movie called DEADSPIEL.

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