Monday, May 28, 2007

Nascar Canadian Tire Series at Cayuga Speedway May 26, 2007

The NASCAR Canadian Tire Series began their season at Cayuga Speedway on Saturday May 26, 2007 where Don Thomson Jr (car #4) claimed victory over the 23 car field.

While it was not a large showing of vehicles, neither was the crowd watching. Which was too bad as the first showing of the season brought plenty of crashes and other excitement which quickly led to about half the cars out of the race.

The first surprise for me was seeing Andrew Ranger driving the 27 car (he finished 4th) after he moved from CHAMP car as, unfortunately, he couldn't bring the needed level of sponsorship dollars at this point in his young career.

The crews spent the early part of the day getting the cars ready for racing in the pits across from the main grandstands.

Then it was time for inspections and time trials. After a smaller race was run (Pro Cup Lites) then the NASCAR north cars take to the track.

Then the drivers lined up for introductions and the National Anthems were sung, afterwards the drivers and VIPs cut the ribbon on this important first event.

They also had three parachutists make a landing on the field.

Then the racing began - it was more intense than previous Cascar races as they have removed the mufflers. The race close and they like to nudge each other and one by one the field starts to thin as more and more laps are run under the caution.

Then it was all over and Don Thomson Jr had finished his victory lap and climbed out of his car and waved to the crowd.

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