Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Can You hear me now Scott?

I have long been a fan of Scott Adams' sense of humour and his famous comic strip - Dilbert and also of his Dilbert Blog.

Scott has set up a Google Alert for when his name is used on the net so I thought it would be cool to talk to him through my webpage. Instead of sending him an email of appreciation I thought this would be a novel way to communicate - when this page is posted to the internet he will be sent an alert with a wink to this webpage. Besides he probably has to wade through tons of crap email in his inbox and he might delete mine by accident! Well he didn't respond to the website post at so I thought I would try again on this blog 'o' mine.

As an added bonus I have drawn a Dilbert frame with the idea that Dilbert has attended a Elbonian management training course by accident and has let it go to his head. Dogbert and Ratbert have to stage an intervention to bring back Dilbert - away from the darkside.

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