Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto is Canada's largest City (most people) with over 2.5 million people. The large urban area surrounding Toronto is called the GTA, or Greater Toronto Area, with a combined population of over 5.1 million people. Just for comparison I live in the small town of Acton just west of Toronto and it has just over 10 000 people!

The City of Toronto joined with the 6 adjacent municipalities and the Metro Government to form the current megacity in 1998. I don't think it has solved many problems.

Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario (the Province) and lies along the north shore of the Great Lake - Lake Ontario, in Central Ontario. The concentration of development and transportation from Niagara Falls to east of Toronto has led to the concept of the Golden Triangle (shaped by the form along the edge of Lake Ontario).

Just to the west of the downtown core lies the Exhibition grounds which was established in the 1880's. Toronto's famous fair the CNE, or Canadian National Exhibition, takes place here every year. This large area with significant historical buildings has endured over all these years and also is the setting for the Toronto Grand Prix race.

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